11 Songs

by Liz Pappademas

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Nicholas Taliesin Barrett
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Nicholas Taliesin Barrett On and off for a decade I've come to love the subtle, sometimes surreal 'Hurts To Purr' album by the band of that name, with Liz up front. Lovely voice, good lyrics and cool piano — I was amazed that nobody else had even put the artwork on Last.fm since 2006!
These songs, while not new, are a gorgeous way to slip into another "année de tous les dangers". If anything can get us through 2017, it's good music


Liz Pappademas' solo debut. "a beautifully downbeat collection of piano-driven art-pop tunes." - NPR


released March 21, 2007

Liz Pappademas - keyboards, vocals
Roberto Sanchez - drums
Gary Newcomb - pedal steel
Jeff Johnston - bass, brass kick-plate

Written and produced by Liz Pappademas
with production assistance on tracks 3, 4, 5, and 7 by Brian Kehew

Piano, drums, Fender Rhodes, and selected vocals recoded by Scott McDowell at Hyde Street Studio C in San Francisco. Pedal steel, bass and brass kick-plate recorded by Lang Freeman at Folsur in Austin. Keyboards, accordion, additional vocals and percussion recorded by Brian Kehew at OFR in Los Angeles. Selected vocals, accordion, and percussion recorded by Liz Pappademas at home in San Francisco.

Mixed by Brian Kehew at OFR in Los Angeles
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering
Album design by Laurent Rivelaygue
Artist photos by Chris Black


all rights reserved



Liz Pappademas Los Angeles, California

Liz Pappademas is a singer/songwriter, pianist and teacher in Los Angeles.

Rock Record, coming in March 2020, is her new album.

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Track Name: Loma Prieta
Loma Prieta, dark hill
Shook up the San Andreas
to the heart of a little girl
I was the epicenter
There in the door holding onto my mother
"No, it's not,
no, it's not OK,"
I told her

We saw a movie that day
On a field trip to the mint
that survived the quake
In 1906 when the city burned black
Those images came rushing
Like the fires
They came rushing back
It was hot
It was hot
Too hot for October

We set up the kitchen with candles
My brother and I knew that school would be canceled
We slept on my parents' room floor
We knew about aftershocks
We braced for more
We felt a lot
We felt a lot

Loma Prieta, dark hill
Please stay dark, I prayed
Please stay still
I was the epicenter
I was the epicenter
I'm not the epicenter
Track Name: The Born Again April Fool
Breathing in the water
His hands grasped for the sky
A vision came down toward him
An electric snake
reflected in his eyes

Drugs and drinking hardly helped
the demons, they possessed him
the walls bled at the hospital
he buried the furniture
out in the garden

One voice, one voice
Spoke louder than the rest
Sarge made Scott saw off his shotgun
Put on fatigues and
shaved his head

And Sarge called out the orders
"Shoot the lock, kill them both
Leave you wife, leave the little girl."
Blood on the linoleum
Birdie and her mother crouched
The kitchen floor
The kitchen floor

Now he says he's born again
the Born Again April Fool
Believes he's being put to death
for preaching the gospel
the state is the devil
the law his rule

Oh, that power line
that electric snake
that devil's hand
reached out for him as a boy
and now as a man

I am not a juror
thank god I'm not a judge
'cause if he casts a shadow on a sunny day
In Texas, that's enough

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