Spring (EP)

by Liz Pappademas



These songs were recorded on my phone between February 20th and May 26th, 2013, in the Cal State Northridge practice rooms (Spring, Sittin Next to You, Unprepared), and my apartment (I Am Unlimited, Your Wooded Grove).

My last album took three years to finish. I loved that process but thought I'd do something different and just get the songs out to you. So often I feel that by the time the album comes out, the band, the writer, sometimes even the fans are already over the songs. They were written during a specific moment but lost something getting dressed. I didn't want that happening to these tunes so here they are. Thanks for listening.

- Liz


released May 27, 2013


all rights reserved



Liz Pappademas Los Angeles, California

Liz Pappademas is a singer/songwriter, pianist and teacher in Los Angeles.

Rock Record, coming in March 2020, is her new album.

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Track Name: Spring
I love the way you say my name
And how I feel when you walk in the room
I know exactly why I’m afraid
And I’m pretty sure
You do too

Things will never be the same
Things can never be the same
Now that spring’s caught me and you

I thought that rain would wash it away
But the blossoms just fell perfect on the ground
That one warm weekend was all it took to make
Something new and beautiful rebound

Things will never be the same
Things can never be the same
Now that spring’s caught me and you
Track Name: Sittin Next to You
Sittin next to you
I’m closer to the sun
But you go on shining bright
I like it warm
Sitting next to you

Sittin next to you
The mountains disappear
But you go ‘head take that view
I’ll rest my eyes right here
Sitting next to you

Sittin next to you
The river fills up fast
But you go ‘head rain right down
I’ll build us a raft
Sit next to you

You walk away
If I go home
The world falls back in line
But I’d rather have it too hot
Too close
Running wild

Sittin next to you
Track Name: Unprepared
I was unprepared
To feel the air on my face
To have my cares lifted away

So long walking
With eyes in the back of my head
Guard up and hunting
When I should’ve let go instead

I was unprepared
For how much I’d think of him
Unprepared to feel like this again
Shifted back like some kind of magic trick
A powerful spell I never want to kick

I was unprepared
For how he looked at me
For how hooked in I’d be

I thought everything was planned
Lined up perfect cleared to land

But I was unprepared
It was the greatest way to be
Unprepared for how I’d love his company

Just when you think you got it all figured out
You’re cruising along then everything breaks down
And I was unprepared
But I’m so glad ‘cause otherwise
Unprepared I’d never have these eyes for him
What an unexpected gift
Sometimes it’s best to live
Track Name: Unlimited
Drift down the river Sunset Boulevard
The city’s still sleepin, little rain on the bars
Clouds gather up over the bowl
We’re taking a ride, going out for a stroll
I’ve never seen the world quite like this
Days like these I am unlimited

The ocean’s a painting a Turner unframed
Even the fishermen look twice at the color change
Iron and gold, pale green it comes
A foreign country right on highway one
Time stops there’s nothing behind or ahead
Days like these I am unlimited

Heels of my boots on the worn wood floor
I can’t even tell where I am anymore
Some kind of fairy tale with a wonderland glow
I wasn’t planning on stayin’, now I don’t want to go
Take in the power, it fires just like you said
Days like these I am unlimited

The sun’s coming out and babe, pretty soon
The sweet honeysuckle’s gonna burst into bloom
And many more mornings will open their arms
Give us gifts uniquely ours
The best dreams are the ones that are vivid
Days like these I am unlimited
Track Name: Your Wooded Grove
Coyote half sight
On the rutted roads back behind
Evening washes in slow and hopeful

Lost in my own town
Circling down and down
Until I reach your wooded grove

The smell of oil and fuel mix with exhaust
KJAZZ flickers like a four-stroke
Just a rainy night
Silhouette tree, the string lights
Bedroom windows, doors wide open

Lost in my own town
Circling down and down
Until I reach your wooded grove

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