Hurts to Purr

by Liz Pappademas

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The full-length debut of Liz Pappademas's former Austin, TX band Hurts to Purr.


released December 1, 2005

Liz Pappademas - vocals, piano, freak n' read
Tom Benton - upright bass, electric bass, background vocals, power drill, miscellaneous street sounds
Jeremy Bruch - drums, background vocals, miscellaneous street sounds

Kevin Ryan - vibes, acoustic and electric guitar, banjo, glockenspiel, sk-1, chamberlin, bass harmonica, celeste, sleigh bells, marimba, background vocals, miscellaneous percussion, sundry sounds and samples

All songs produced by Kevin Ryan and Hurts to Purr
Engineered by Kevin Ryan
Mixed by Brian Kehew at OFR
Mastered by Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound

All songs recorded at Kevin's in Houston, TX
Additional recordings at OFR in Los Angeles, CA
Factory sounds recorded on Lankershim Blvd. (between Collins Street and Burbank Blvd.) and at Union Station in Los Angeles, CA

String, brass, and woodwind arrangements by Kevin Ryan


all rights reserved



Liz Pappademas Los Angeles, California

Liz Pappademas is a singer/songwriter, pianist and teacher in Los Angeles.

Rock Record, coming in March 2020, is her new album.

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Track Name: I Didn't Mean It
I didn't mean it.
I didn't mean what I said.
And now I'm lying here
with the leaves in our bed
Make the sheets all rough
I am much too tough
on you.

I didn't mean it.
I didn't mean what I said.
And now I can't eat my food
turns to gravel, to sediment
Oh, I miss your mouth.
What I'd give to taste that now.

I didn't mean it.
I didn't mean what I said.
Should've just held my tongue,
But my hands were full.
And my chain link words came out shaking so hard
they rattled.
Track Name: Mr. Atom
Mr. Atom and me
It's plain to see
Mr. Atom and me are best friends

No other kid on my street
Has got a friend quite like me
Mr. Atom my robot little man

Chorus: Sometimes they stare
But we don't care
We're building rocket ships
and micro chips, landing strips
of leaves and tape
oh, please don't take my friend from me

Mr. Atom and me
Hang out back the public library
Mr. Atom and me
after school
Every day we plan
Our friendly robot diagrams
Where kids like me go to
Space Station Big Chance


Chorus plus: One day we
Are gonna rule this galaxy
Mr. Atom my robot little man
Out at Space Station Big Chance
Friendly robots understand
Friendly robots understand
Mr. Atom, my robot little man
Track Name: Six Months
What if I got drunk and cheated
With someone who mattered
You'd move away in the fall
And I'd sink defeated
Turn on automatic
Follow my life, protocol

Chorus: But that's not us
I'm not scared of us
We're so in love
But that's what they all say at six months

Now the ball and chain
Is your precious jewel
You wear it every time you go out
But how would you explain
Could you be so cruel
If one night it slipped off
and you started sleeping around?


Everything is perfect now
I hope it will stay that way
I'll be good to you, my love
I hope that you will do the same

Everything is perfect now
And right now is all I can see
I'll be good to you my love
Together we will always be
Track Name: Fall Apart
I'm pressing my faith
to the roof of my mouth
Never thought I was meant for the South

I'm glad that I came
Look what gold I have found
But limited cities can drown

Chorus: what if I let this all fall apart?

Lattice Manhattan
I'm dreaming of you
Pushing my vines through

What about Paris?
The lure of The Louvre
My fingers in one pie would do


Or maybe I'll just go be no one
Quit trying to get so much work done
Sometimes I've just had enough
had enough
had enough
And I fall apart
fall apart
Track Name: Matinee
It's a perfect day
For a matinee
The rain falling

It's a perfect day
For a matinee
And I'm calling in sick

So I can lose myself
In a dark room
With two old ladies laughing when I do
And the ushers are watching, too

It's a perfect day
For a matinee
And I think I love you

It's a perfect day
For a matinee
And I'm hoping you love me, too

Hoping so hard
That I need to escape
And calm down my heart
To a regular pace

But I miss your hand on my knee
What a wonderful weight

It's a perfect day
For a matinee
I leave the theater it's light out

It's a perfect day
For a matinee
And I'll call you later
Tell you what the movie was about

And you'll laugh and ask
Why I went alone
And I'll lie and say I thought everybody had already seen that one
But you would have gone
You would have gone
Track Name: Turn It Down (The Homesick Volume)
All the taste's chewed out
Of my bubble gum

It's been replaced in my mouth
By a homesick volume

Chorus: It's getting loud in here
Turn it down, turn it down, turn it down
Turn it down in here!

There's a list at the door
Of everyone I've known

Who I miss, all my anchors
But the club's just full of sloppy clones


My city's in a magazine
It's glossy good parts TV scene
and Tom Wolfe says I can't go home again
Is the only place you ought to be
Where you feel invited, lovingly
Is Berlin required to figure out the end?

I would take you with me
You're why I've stayed this long

Would you come?
Would you leave?
Listen: this is what we're banking on

Track Name: Flood
Chorus: Come on bring me a flood
Come on bring me a code red warning
My baby and me
Need a tragedy

I'll go over to his house
Asking for candles
The power's out in this town

He'll welcome me in
From the cold, from the rain
We'll tell all the stories we've been saving


He'll come to the hospital
They'll know he's the one to call
He'll say, "I'm sorry" for it all

And stay by my bedside
Holding my hand all night
Talking just to keep me alive


I can't believe
I'd wish for so much tragedy
but it's better than this nothing
Bring me anything
to get my baby and me
Together again
Track Name: What's Wrong
You look tired all the time
Coffee saucer eyes
In the day when the sun is out

You look sad, say, "Hello!"
Sitting in the road
Attracting a crowd

Chorus: What's wrong (x3)

Buttoned up, lacquered down
With an aquiline frown
Hot on a pressure track

Read the box, I love you
Here's your ticket, find your shoes
No, we can't go back!


Take the metal in your hands
See how nicely it bends
Oh, with a little heat

If only I were as effortlessly pliable
You'd be what I need
You'd be what I need

Track Name: Factory Tours
I'm afraid to give you
The factory tour of me
The 2PM guided look behind the scenes

From the highway, from the highway
I'll let you watch my smokestacks burn
I'm gonna stay here out on the edge of town
Polluting the earth

Chorus: I am not what you think I am
I am not what you think I am
Oh, the factory
Oh, the factory
and my deep dark machinery

I've got trade secrets
You don't want to know
What goes out on the trucks in the morning is a far cry from the materials

So I'm turning on the fences
Giving all the guards guns
No more tours this year.
It's too risky to fall in that kind of love.

Track Name: The Salesman's Wife (Black Tongues)
I am dreaming
of thick black tongues of highway
Talking softly through the mountains tonight
Their worried, rocky, blue brows
An empty bed
A quiet house
I am dreaming of thick black tongues of highway

I am dreaming of your suitcase in the hall
River's lapping like your footsteps up the stairs
But it's an endless half hearted climb
and I can not speed you this time
I am dreaming of your suitcase in the hall

And if all our words
Were trees and birds
You'd fly right home to be with me
Part my branches
Rest on my leaves

I am dreaming of the river mining silences
Flowing deep beneath these roots
Under the necklaces of telephone wires
Where the foggy valley stutters and sighs
I am dreaming
I am dreaming
I am dreaming
Track Name: What Did You Fill Me Up With
I just went home
Three o'clock, four o'clock, five o'clock
Turning on the lights

What did you fill me up with?
What did you fill me up with?

Tell me I can do big, big, big things
Tell me I'm your Egyptian queen
I'm not such a diamond

What did you fill me up with?
What did you fill me up with?

And now there's no room left
Poured in my mouth with my head tipped back
It's gonna spill
It's gonna spill
While I start to believe you'll do what you say you will

What did you fill me up with?

I never thought love could be like this
Happy and honest at the same time

What did you fill me up with?
What did you fill me up with?
Track Name: Dinosaurs
Fire escape
Window bed
Tar pit of the street

Or the icy mountain
Of your back
Shifting while you sleep

Chorus: Is this how
The dinosaurs
Felt when the sun stopped taking notes?
Is this how
The dinosaurs
Felt when the sun got too close?

Fish got legs
Years ago
You are not the first

Big, big bang
All banged out
Nothing left to burst

Track Name: Stop Blowing Your House Down
Stop blowing your house down
You need to stay somewhere stick around

Stop living in parentheses
One foot in and one foot out of a six month lease

Stop building with sticks and straw
But the brick and cook the wolf, teeth and claws

Do everything the best you can
Do everything the best that you can

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